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Family Issues Chapter 4
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Chapter 4:  The Big Change
Steve made his way into the office.  May had his coffee ready and waiting for him.  It was the first time in many months that the dependable secretary beat him into the office.  She was the den mother that was always prepared for 'her boys'.  Kono was already at his post in the records office and Chin Ho was in the middle of a stack of case files looking for any that involved a young man that suffered temperary or permanent injury, even death.  Chin hated the fact the some nut job had decided to try and shatter their order of things.  That was the state Steve found Chin in, the big hearted Asian was shaking his head and muttering in the case files.  "You found anything interesting," inquired Steve.  Chin glanced up from the desk littered with folders, papers, and photos.  "Yeah, you're one productive cop.  I don't think anyone at HPD has this many closed cases under his jacket."  Steve chuckled as he walked over to view the results so far.  Chin continued, "I've made a list of possible  suspects.  The list shows the suspect your arrested , injury substain, and father with current address if known.  I've not limited the search to age since everybody is someone's child.  I also included the ones that didn't make it to be arrested."  Steve nodded on that point.  It could have been any suspect he shot or killed while performing his duties.  Snap! Chin looked up at Steve in a hurry!  His boss had just snapped his fingers and began to pace.  Steve walked a little ways to and fro inside the office.  "What if it isn't related to Five-O?  What if it is somehow linked farther back to my past.  My past in the military police.  What if..."  "That's a big 'what if' Steve," replied Chin. as he rested a moment.  Both men pondered this scenario. 

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