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I hope you are finding everything you want on the net!  Me??  I get around on it pretty well, mind you I'm no know-it-all.  I hope you have come to read some fanfiction because that's what you're going to do a lot of on my site.  They're small stories right now but I will be added more soon.  

Hi everyone, I'm back after real life decided to have pity on me and give me a break.  Not going to bore you w/ real life problems. That's not what you're here for.  Browse around and check the new section to the right for updates.  Hopefully, I've updated one you like.   I hope you are having a good day and that you find something to read that takes your mind off today's toubles. 

Currently in progess!!
Family Issues- Hawaii Five-O
Chapter 5 uploaded 11/25/2009
The Arbitars- StargateSG-1(D.J. focued,smarm & angst alert)
updated 12/27/06
The Realm Beyond- (Haldir fic)
Updated with Chapter 3  on 1/2/2009

Reading a story can take you on a journey but writing one will take someone with you.  ~ Mistrelle

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