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Chapter 1

He did not know what was more nerve racking, the fact that there had been no major cases that Five-O needed to handle in the past few days or the waiting for one to drop into their laps.  A knock at the door drew his attention from the report Steve was currently scanning before signing off on it. 

            Danny lend inside the doorframe. “Got a minute Steve?”  Steve put the report down while looking forward to something more interesting than police notes and paperwork.  “Sure Danno.  What’s up?”  “I just got the strangest call from one of the desk clerks down at the main reception area for the palace,” replied Danno.  Steve’s interest was now peeked.  “Go on.” 

            “Well, there’s a package that’s been delivered to the both of us and the clerk didn’t know which one of us to send it two.  I asked to have it brought up here.”  A confused look played across Steve’s face.  “We’d have packages addressed to us both before Danno; why would this package stand out?” 

            Danny walked further into the room and took a perch on the corner of McGarrett’s desk.  Danny was the only person to take this much liberty with Steve’s desk yet Steve didn’t mind.  “It seems it was the way it was addressed that caused some concern at the reception desk.  I’m not quite sure I believe what the receptionist said so I’ll wait to see for myself but it has something to do with our names.”  Danny smirked as he finished.  “So our names have thrown them into a tizzy,” gestured Steve with a pen in his hand and then went back to making a few more notes on some papers.

Steve looked up as they heard May address someone in the outer office.  A moment later she approached his office.  “Steve, you and Danny have a package.”  May had a hesitant look fixed on the label as she handed it over to Steve. Danny strained his neck a little trying to read the print on the package as it was still in May’s hand.  “Does it say what I think they told me it said?” Danny asked as May handed it off into Steve’s waiting hands..

            Steve read the label out loud. “To Mr. Steven McGarrett and his son, Danny  Williams McGarrett.  I’d say you probably heard them right.”  To read the words was a like splash of cold water in the morning.  It brought to mind the close relationship he had developed with his second-in-command. 

Danny had become a dear friend in the recent seasons of rigorous cases which took a toll on any emotional contacts.  Steve was personally grooming Danny to fill his own shoes.  It seems someone else had noticed and was attaching a more personal connection to it. 

            “Do you think it’s a joke from the boys down at HPD?”  Danny moved to the side of McGarrett to look at the package in the same angle.

 “Don’t know Danno.  Could be or maybe someone’s trying to make a point.” Steve turned the package over and looked for a return address but found it lacking.

 “A point would be calling you my big brother, but father?  You don’t look old enough.”  Danny added.

“Thanks, I think, but I don’t believe whoever sent this has done the math Danno.” replied Steve as he began to open the clasp that held the opening in place.

 Once he opened it, he emptied the contents upon his desk.  There were several documents but one had a note gym-clipped to it that read ‘me first’. 

            “Looks like I get to read this one first.” Steve removed the clip and began to scan the paper.

 Danny busied himself with examining the rest of the contents.  He noticed most of it was legal forms and with closer inspection noticed it was an odd assortment.  There were adoption forms, name changing forms, and others types that merely confused Danno.  “Steve, what’s up with all this stuff.  Why the adoption…”  But Danny didn’t finish because as he glanced up he saw the clinched jaw set in Steve’s face.  Danny noticed how tightly Steve held the paper and knew whatever was on that paper was maddening to the head of Five-O.  “Steve?  What’s wrong?”   

            Steve looked over the top of the paper at Danno and within a moment found his center again and regained his composure.  “It seems we have another lunatic to deal with.  This one is threatening to do some nasty things if I, no make that if ‘we’ don’t follow his instructions.”

 “What’s he want from us?” Danny inquired.

 “It seems he wants me to adopt you for the time being.  He wants me in the legal role of being a father.”

  Danny was speechless for a moment.  “Adopted?’  Danny couldn’t contain the laugh that escaped next.  “O.K. you’ve done it this time Steve.  I know that I have pulled some crazy jokes in the past but you have pulled off the ultimate prank.”

 Danny stopped as he noticed the serious expression stay on Steve’s face.  “Not a prank?” Danny inquired again as the implications started to sink in.

Steve continued to scan the items before going back to the note and spoke in a rather dry voice.  “No.  There’s even a timetable mentioned for in which we have so many weeks to make the changes before something happens that quote ‘will bring about suffering to my heart.’ 

Steve balled his fist.  “The threat is to us both but more so for you Danno.  I want to go over everything.  No one messes with our Ohauna.  No one!”


The office remained in constant activity for the rest of the afternoon as Steve and Danny sorted through the papers and list of activities that this insane person had requested of them while continuing to deal the rest of the day’s problems that were uniquely Five-O.

 “Steve, how do we know for sure to take this seriously?” Danno replied as he leaned back into the couch directly across Steve’s desk. “I am not giving up my apartment.  Does this nut know how long it took me to find that place and for that price?  Where does he expect me live anyway?”  Danny scanned the notes again looking anything that might hint to the answers to his questions.

  Steve sighed as he too leaned back in his chair. “I believe I have the answer to one of your questions.”

 Danny stopped scanning the text and looked hopeful at Steve.  He quickly frowned.  “Are you going to tell or is that a secret.”  Steve decided to have a little fun with Danny.  “Danny, how do you like roommates?”  Danny’s bottom jaw dropped in expectation of making a reply however he took a few moments to let his temperature return to normal before he replied. “I haven’t had one since college and even then it was…”  Danny paused as he mentally chose the correct words.  “…Let’s say it lacked the three P’s for me.”  Steve perked up at this tidbit of information.  “Three P’s?  What were they?” Steve inquired with a sly gin and happy for another dose of Danny’s colorful college past.  “That would be privacy, peace and quiet, and Penelope.”  Steve leaned forward and with elbows on his desk inquired further.  “Penelope?  Who’s she?”  A sweet glaze of memory came over Danny’s mind as he recalled her.  “She was a dream Steve.  She had long raven like hair, sultry voice, curves that could rival any lava lamp in motion.”  Steve noticed the gleam of ecstasy that sparkled in Danny’s eyes.  “What happened?”  Steve knew there was a story behind this one.  When one exhausted breathe Danny began.  “We were doing fine until I decided to introduce her to my roommate.  It was like watching lava meet the ocean.”  Steve winced. “That bad.”  Danny nodded.  “Yeah, I stood back and waited for the mist to clear.  Penelope’s family was into Architectural Design and Construction of Commercial Property with high end clients and my roommate was involved with urban restoration and the plight of the urban community.  He accused her family’s business and all others like it of pushing out the lower income for big business and ‘the man’.  She wouldn’t back down and neither would he.  I spend the night listening to them debate everything from economics to social reform.  After that night each thought I was taking the other’s side and in the end I lost both of them as friends. Anyway that was the last time I had a roommate.  I decided after that to live solo.  So now answer my question Steve. ”  “I like the have the lights out by 10:00 P.M. and try not to tie up the phone lines for too long on the weekend.”  Steve tried to keep a straight face as he said this while watching Danny’s shocked expression unfold.  “You’re kidding!”  “Oh no, definitely by 10:00.”  Steve reiterated but knowing what Danny was really referring to.  “I don’t mean that Steve.  I mean … he wants me to live with you?”  Danny asked with perplexity.  Steve grinned.  “Yes, it seems he doesn’t want it any other way.”  Danny sat back on the couch in utter astonishment.  “How can we sure about any of this Steve?  How do we take this for real?  How do we know if this is something that we should take as on the level?”

  Steve ran a hand through his hair and stared from the documents back over to Danny. 

“We don’t know Danno.  That’s what makes this a delicate situation.  We have till the end of the week to file the first round of papers before we are to make changes in your schedule of afternoon activities.”

 Danno sat straight up at that comment and delved into the other issues at hand. “I don’t get why this person insists that I return to taking college classes and in medicine of all fields too.  I mean, come on Steve, do I really have to pull a full load of classes for this nut and maintain an A average all while I still work at Five-O?” 

 Steve by this time was holding his head up with his left hand while reading more of the scripted activities that indicated what they were to do within the next week before more instructions arrived. “No, you don’t,” replied Steve

  “Great! Wait a minute…” Danny leaned forward from the couch with a confused look upon his face.  He folded the college field of study pamphlet and placed it in one hand while using the other to help adjust his position on the couch.  “I thought this nut wanted me in med-school?”

 Steve nodded an affirmative.  Danny scrunched his face in bewilderment.  “I don’t have to pull off an A average after all?”

 Steve settled back into his chair. “Yes, you still have to maintain an A average.”

Now Danno was confused.  “But you just said…” Then it dawned on Danno what was left. “No, No way!  You can’t be seriously.  This nut has landed way to far from the coconut tree.”

Steve let a small laugh escape at Danny’s use of metaphoric language. “It’s all right here in this small little paragraph that dictates you can’t be working at the office.”  Steve waved the paper in his right hand.  Danny jumped up and crossed the room in a few short steps then taking the paper from Steve in order to see for himself.  “So not only do I have to give up my apartment but I have to give up my job too.  This is going to far Steve.” 

Dan sat on the corner of Steve’s desk as he finished the paragraph and gave further contemplation to the demands being made by this nutcase.  “Steve, there is a lot of anger behind all this and even though this person wants me to jump through hoops, his anger is orchestrating something really awful for you.” Danny’s arm swept over the contents of package that was scattered on Steve’s desk.

 “I know Danny.” Steve stated as he got up and walked over to his lanai doors.  Then he turned back to his desk within a few strides. “ That’s why we’re going to be careful, very careful indeed.”  They decided to wait out the week and see what would happen next.  Chin and Kono kept an eye out for Danny when he had to go out of the office.  Each had expressed a desire to pull extra guard duty if needed, however Steve decided that it wasn’t needed at the time, not for him anyway.  He had extra units from HPD increase the patrols around Danny’s apartment building, and he kept Danny at the palace mostly for the remainder of the week. 


Monday morning of the new week came and went with nothing overtly disturbing for the Five-O crew.  Danny was about finished with a report when he noticed that lunch had crept up on them again.

 About that time a delivery boy came in the room with a box food.  “Lunch is here,” May announced and went about handing out the sandwiches that had been labeled with each Detective’s name on the little while bags.

  The day continued onward with the hustle and bustle of the office.  By 2:00 P.M. however, Danny started to feel ill.  His arms tingled and his palms itched.  A sharp pain attacked his side and he leaned forward.  Kono was walking by and noticed Danny.  “Hey brudda, you don’t look to good.  You getting sick or something?”  The big Hawaiian stayed in the doorway watching Danny.  Danny rode out the wave of pain and raised his head back up.

 “Whoa,” Danny replied.  He was light-headed and swayed in his seat.  Kono reacted quickly and hurried forward dropping to one knee.  He grabbed Danny and kept him steady.  Chin noticed something was up and came over in time to see Kono keeping Danny upright just before Danny doubled over again while grabbing his mid-section. 

Steve was just coming out of his office when he looked over at Danny’s little office.  “Danny’s sick boss,” replied Chin Ho Kelly.  Steve hurried over to the little office and Kono backed away as a concerned Steve slid into his place at Danny’s side.  “Danno?  What’s wrong?”

Danny was slowly rocking in his chair.  Steve noticed that he was also scratching the palms of the hands.  When Danny turned towards him, he saw that Danny had paled considerably.  ‘I don’t know Steve.  I guess I caught something that’s going around.  That’s all.”  Kono quickly piped in, “Danny haven’t you learned we’re supposed to catch the bad guys, not the bad bugs.”  Everyone grinned but Danny’s quickly left his face as he grabbed his stomach tighter.  “Steve, a special delivery just arrived for you.”  May was heard calling from the background.  “I’ll be right there.  You go on into my office Danny and lay on the couch until you feel better.  If you’re not feeling better in say half an hour you can go home.”  “But I still have to file my report,” Danny spoke with tired eyes.  “Don’t worry Danno, Chin or Kono can do that for you.”  “Yeah brudda, I’ve been wanting to get another look at the new file clerk anyway,” Kono chided.  They all grinned and while Chin and Kono eased Danny into Steve’s office he opened the special delivery letter and began reading.   No sooner had he read the first paragraph than Steve was shouting orders.  “May call an ambulance now! Tell them someone’s been poisoned!”  Steve dashed into his office and brushed past Chin and Kono who were about to exit his office.  Steve quickly kneeled down beside the couch to Danno and took his face into his own hands.  “Danno, what did you eat?”  Danno was becoming less lucid.  “A…sandwich.”  Chin Ho and Kono knew immediately that something bad was happening.  “Bag whatever’s left from his lunch.  Get the sack out of his garbage pail.  It’s evidence.”  Kono ran to carry out the orders.  “They’re on their way Steve!” May shouted through the door.  Chin kneeled down next to Steve.  “What’s going on Steve?”  The concern was laced on every word uttered by the elder Chinese detective who looked upon Danny as an adoptive son to his own family.  “That special delivery letter.  It was our nut from last week asking me how Danny liked his poisoned sandwich, and how long would I wait now to carryout his instructions.”


Chapter 2

Steve paced around the waiting room as Chin Ho and Kono looked on miserabley.  The ride over to the hospital was soul wrenching for Steve.  'How could I have been so blind! I should have known this madman was for real.  Who else would demand such ridiculous things from us.'  Steve continue to self tirade as they waited for the doctors to come out.  It had taken both Chin and Kono's reasoning with Steve to get him to give the hospital staff room to work on Danny.  A sudden burst from the double doors ended Steve's self debate and had everyone in the room at immediate attention. 

"Well Doc, how is he?" Steve asked with trepidation.  The doctor folded his hands over the clipboard as he pulled it to his chest.  With a slight pause, the doctor began.  "You were right.  It was a poisoning. One that mimiced a sever food toxin and affected the nervous system.  We're treating him right now for the toxin in his blood and the systematic problems it has caused him."  The doctor put one hand out to stop Steve before he interupted with what he knew would be a request to see his second-in-command. "He's asleep right now, and needs peace and quiet so his body can recover quickly."  This seems to ease Steve for a moment until after the docter's next statement. "It was fortunate that we were notified there might be some cases of this type of toxin occuring in our area and therefore had the medicines here for this particular strain."  Alarm bells rang away in Steve's head that has turned up and slightly tilted at this statement.  "Who notified you that this toxin might possibly be in the area?"  Steve already had an idea but wanted or more like was looking for it to be nonconfirmed.  "We got a call from the State Health Department that some cases had show up on some of the other islands and to be looking for it to show up here soon."  Steve nodded over to Kono. "Call the State Health Department and get confirmation that they were the one's who put that call in." "On it boss!", and Kono was out the door.  With resignation that he will have to wait to be sure if his and Danno madman was the caller, Steve delved into his next plan.  "When can Danno be released?"  "Now Steve!  Wait just one minute.  That boy has had a very tramatic event with a toxin that very nearly shut down his central nervous system.  I won't know for sure how he's going to react to the antineurotoxin until 24 to 48 hours has elapsed.  There is no way you are taking him out of this hospital before then. No way!" The Doctor seemed to have grown two feet taller in defense of his patient.  Steve, taking in all the doctor had said changed strategies as easily as changing a TV dail.  "I'll arrange to have two guards around the clock.  No one in or out without my express approval with the exception of your medical staff that you have fully known for several years.  I'm not taking any chances."  The doctor nodded and made the move to leave but Steve stopped him. "Take me to him now."  The Doctor's face pinched up again and was about to go into another tirade when Steve continued to speak.  "I know what you said but it's that I need to see him. I need to make sure."  Steve couldn't really same any more without that hardened exterior cracking.  The doctor relented with one dip of his head and motioned for Steve to follow him down the corridor.  Steve eased into the room with the silence of a cat and approached the bed where Danny lay.  Danny was hooked up to several tubes and machines.  An oxygen mask was securely placed over his face and fogged every few seconds indicating Danny was still breathing.  Steve exhaled with a sigh of relief that that his best friend was still alive.  However, that was quickly followed with anger.  Anger at how easily Danny could have been taken from him.  Anger at himself for not forseeing the length that this madman would go to so his crazy schemes were fulfilled.  Steve was still fuming when Chin Ho carefully entered the room. Chin glanced sympathicly at Danny before called for Steve's attention.   "Steve? Can I see you in the hall?"  Steve nodded, and he headed for the door but not before taking one more glance that Danny sleeping in the bed. 

      "What have you got for me Chin?" Steve asked.  "I did some checking and you were right.  The delivery boy said that someone paid him a hundred dollars to switch Danny's sandwich with that other one.  He's down at HPD now going over the mug books trying to see if the guy is in the system."  Before Steve could ask his next question Chin continued.  "...but I wouldn't get our hopes up.  The boy said that the man wore a big haole hat, sunglass, blindingly bright tourist outfit and a full beard."  Steve ran his right hand through his hair.  "Sounds like a disquise to me."  Chin nodded in agreement.  "Get a sketch artist down there as well and don't let that kid leave until I've had a chance to talk to him."  Chin was about to mention that his 'talks' often were anything but that, but he decided to refrain. 

     The next few days for much of the same.  Steve made multiple trips to Queens Hospital to visit Danny, who by now was begging Steve to spring him.  Steve entered the room after conferring with the officer outside it and noticed that Danny was sitting up and flipping through the pages of some magazine.  No doubt it was left by some members of HPD.  "Feeling better?" Steve inquired with a smile.  He already knew Danny too well to expect this to be a calm and pleasent chat.  "Oh Steve!" The whine in Danny's voice affirmed to Steve that Danny was truely feeling better. "When can I get out of here.  I'm not throwing up, the pain is gone, I can walk a straight line, pass any and all hand-eye-coordination tests, and I can hold my food down."  Danny rattled off the list of accomplishments in quick succession then began his stare down at Steve.  Steve knew what he was doing.  "You did all that in just a few days? I'm impressed!"  Danny's shoulders dropped.  "Aw Steve.  Come on!  I have to get out of here.  There's only some much TV I can take, and the scenery never changes."  Steve decided to brighten his day.  "Doc's letting you go this afternoon..." Before Danny could joyiously respond, Steve went on.  "on one condition."  Danny frowned and fell back onto the uprised portion of his bed.  "What's the condition?"  Steve walked even closer to the bed.  "That you be supervised for a while to make sure the neurotoxin has completely left your system and no side effects pronounce themselves."  Danny raised an eyebrow with his reply. "I guess this means I'll be getting a roommate for a little while."  Steve tapped the rail on the bed and looked down.  Danny had a suspicion that something else was bothering Steve.  "What's wrong?  What else is the matter that you're not telling me?"  Steve began to relate to Danny the events from his sudden collapse due to the poisoned sandwich to today's events.  "Whoa.  I can't hardly believe that madman were really serious about all this.  I have almost forgot about it."  Steve looked at the envelop he was carrying and Danny's eyes followed Steve's to it also.  "What's that?  My discharge papers I hope."  Danny tried to lighten the mood but Steve's grin to his remark only lasted a few seconds before it disappeared beneath that stern exterior that all Hawaii had come to expect from the head of Five-O.  "No, it's a reminder notice from our madman informing me that we had better stick to the schedule unless we want more dire circumstances to occur."


Chapter 3 

That afternoon did see Danny discharged into Steve's custody.  The two drove over the Danny's apartment to pick up some needed articles of clothing and other necessities for an extended stay.  Back at Steve's the duo occupied the living room in the most causal of fashion.  Danny was reclining sideways on the couch with several pillows for support.  He remembered to remove his shoes so as to not dirty up the furniture.  Steve was sitting across from him in a leather upholstery chair ingrossed in the documents held in his hand.  Steve glanced over the edge of the papers he had at Danny.  He noticed the droop of Danny's eyes as the young man tried to comprehend the forms he was suppose to have ready  by Friday.  The pencil in Danny's hand was slowing slipping out of his hand.  Steve set aside his documents.  The motion did not go unnoticed.  "I'm awake," came a spurting response.  Steve nodded, "Sure you are.  You know I promised the doc I would take care of you.  However, I believe I'm being neglectful.  You really should get some rest.  You can go over the forms in the morning.  As Steve began to rise the doubtful uncertainty of Danny's voice paused him mid rise.  "Steve...we're really going to do this?"  Steve went over to the couch and with his hands on his hips gave a truthful and mood lighten answer.  "Yes we are.  We don't know enough about this play other than to play by his rules until then.  Now how about helping your future old man get you settled into bed for the night."  "Sure Steve uh I mean 'Dad'.  You do want to be called Dad right or I could just use Pop."  Danny continued to think up names to call Steve as they headed down the hallway to the spare bedroom that was now Danny's home away from home.  "I believe the current and most popular term might be Daddy-O.  What do think Daddy-O?"  Danny was trying to hold in the laughter.  Steve was a step behind yet a still a step ahead.  "O I don't know.  It just might trigger such phrases as "Now junior, you know better, or Listen up baby boy, or Take out the trash small fry.  You do know the list for childish pet names created by parents runs a lot deeper than the one with parental nicknames."  Danny's laughing had ending in mid laugh as Steve was talking.  "You wouldn't do that..."  Upon looking at Steve's smirking face with the 'try me and see' expression Danny changed his mind. "You would do did."  Steve went and pulled the covers back on the bed.  "See already you're seeing things my way.  It won't be too much of an adjustment."  Danny crawled into bed and made himself comfortable.  "Thanks Steve I mean," whispered Danny as he began to drift off.  Steve, who had made it back to the door, had just turned out the light and was pulling the door closed as he heard the whispered words.  Steve paused for a moment in a quiet interspective staring into the darkness knowing that his best friend was placing his life into Steve's hand.  He closed the door and went back to the living room.  Steve was more determined than ever to keep his best friend, soon to be his son if only for this mad man's whim, safe.  Picking up a cup of coffee that now simmered, Steve dived into the sea of forms and paperwork that laid ahead of them.  The ringing of the phone drew Steve's attention away from his work.  Reaching over, he picked it up and with a sigh answered.  "Hello?"  "Hi Steve, it's Kono.  How's Danny?"

Steve relaxed into his chair.  "He's doing fine at the moment.  I promised the Doc to keep an eye on him and right now he's sleeping soundly in my spare bedroom.  So, what's up?"  Kono began to relate everything he had discovered about the tipster who had the hospitals on alert for the 'outbreak' and all the reported cases.  " ...after that I put I all together on a timeline paired up with the patients' outcomes.  It looks like he was trying to get the dose just right.  I even noticed that everyone of the victims that fell ill with it where in Danny's bodyweight and health range.  Steve, he was targeting Danny even before two months ago and of them died."  Steve gripped the phone tighter and seethed with anger.  The madman had killed! Killed already before they were even drawn into this twisted nightmare!  "Steve?  You still there Steve," Kono quietly asked.  "Yeah Kono.  Catalog everything so when we put him away we can add Murder One to the charge."  "Yeah Steve, and let's hope that's the only murder charge we have."  Steve held Kono's sentiments.  "Yeah Kono, let's hope.  I'll be in the office first thing in the morning.  We have a deadline to stick to and I want you in place at the Records Office by 9:00 AM sharp.  If someone ask to check the current status of any name changes or adoptions that involve us you will notify me immediately and keep a tail on him."  "Will do Steve.  Tell Danny to hang in there and we'll go surfing soon."  "I sure will. Goodnight Kono."  "Night Steve."  With that exchange over, Steve was going to finish filling out the last section of the last form when he noticed a shadow move in the hallway.  "That you Dan-O?"  Steve narrowed his focus until the shadow receded and Danny came forth.  "Did I wake up?" Steve inquired with a measure of regret.  "No, I was thirsty and headed for the kitchen when the phone rang."  Danny paused before quietly adding, "which one died?"  Steve wanted to tread lightly in this area knowing how Danny took any senseless death to heart.  "The second poison victim.  The first didn't get near as sick as he wanted so I guess the toxin strength was significantly increased and he over did it.  The subsequent ones that followed near reached the levels of that second victim.  Kono plotted it out and confirmed our madman was working out the dosage."  Danny just knodded his head.  "Hey, you head back to bed.  I'll get that water."  Danny immediately started to wave him off.  "No now Steve you shouldn't have to wait on my hand and foot.  I'm doing pretty good.  You finish that paper work up cause if I have to complete it there's no tellilng when it will get done."  Steve smirked and settled back down.  "It's all done except for this last page and your signmature on several pages."  Danny came back out from the kitchen and lended against the doorframe frowning which alerted Steve.  "What's wrong DanO?"  "It's just...have you told the governor about having to...'adopt me'?"  Danny asked hesitently of Steve.  "Believe or not I'm scheduled to see him in the morning at 10:30.  He wanted to know what it's about, but I told him it would be easier to do in person."  Danny's eyebrows shotup at that remark.  "I so do not envy you tomorrow.  Night I mean Dad.  Got to get used to saying that I guess."  "Night...." and as Danny disappeared down the hallway, "...son," followed it softly behind. 

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