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Vocabulary List


Unit 30 Vocabulary Study Guide


Name: ________________________   Class: ___  Date: _______

Define each vocabulary term.

1.  Arduous

2.  Besiege

3.  Cohort

4.  Disarray

5.  Enterprise

6.  Gracious

7.  Hemisphere

8.  Indigenous

9.  Jovial

10.  Landslide

11.  Marsh

12.  Notion

13.  Ornate

14.  Pauper

15.  Queasy

16.  Reinforce

17.  Surmount

18.  Uncanny

19.  Voracious

20.  Whence 

Homework:  Students are to write one sentence for each vocabulary term and it must be used according to context and definition.



Homework Due on Friday!!! 

You must make a sentence using each vocabulary word. 

If you need help with pronouncing a word, ask myself, your parent(s), or check the pronunciation guide in a dictionary. 

You may use more than one of your vocabulary words in a sentence if it is appropriate for the context. 

A good way to increase your understanding of unfamiliar  words is to keep a vocabulary journal.  You should write the word and its definition.  Then use the word in a sentence.  This method can help you increase your knowledge of new vocabulary.