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Family Issues Chapter 5
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It wasn't hard to picture the problems that were about to arise from going through with the plans, however, it had to be done to ensure everyone's safety and allow time for a plan to be developed that would draw out the conductor of this weird symphony.  Steve had made quite a few calls that morning to the friends he still have in the military and copies of his old cases would be out as soon as they were made.  Just was just going to take time.  Time was something that Steve wasn't sure of how much they had.  The rapping at his door jarred Steve out of his personal thoughts.  He glanced over to the door as Danno's head pertruded threw the narrow opening he made.  For a moment, it looked like Danny was testing to see if Steve was there or not.  'Why would he...Oh," Steve realized as he noted the time that it was almost 10:00 in the morning.  "Hey Steve, I thought you might be here.  I was gathering up the notes on my open cases that will have to handed over the Chin and Kono."  Steve nodded realizing the Danny had to prepare to be out of the office for a while fulfilling his part in the demented play.  "Are you about ready to head over to the Governer's office?"  The upturned eyebrows of Steve was the only visible reaction that Danny elicited that reminded Steve of his 10:30 appointment with the Governer to explain about the upcoming changes in Steve and Danny's lives.  "Yeah, I even have a line ready for him."  Danny's interest was piqued; "what would that be?"  Steve straightened the papers in his hand and replied with confindence. "It's called an undercover assignment.  I hear that they can sometimes run for quite a while, and I'm told it is within our scope to conduct them."  Danny chuckled as he made his way into the office.  "That's for sure.  Think he'll buy the fact that I'm getting a medical education of the state dime?"  Steve's deadpanned a dry look.  "Oh I only wish it were so."  Danny cocked his head to one side with a bit of a confused expression.  "What do you mean?  Is the university just going to let me sit in on the classes like an audit?"  Steve picked up a pencil and tapped it on the desk.  "Oh no, I have very specific instructions about that too."  Danny's shoulders dropped slightly.  "Alright, what did I miss that you haven't let on about."  Steve grinned slightly at his dearest friend and soon to be 'adopted son', 'That's going to take some getting use to' flashed across Steve's mind before responding to Danny.  "I'm paying for it. Tuition, books, supplies, you need it and I have to pay for it.  It seems that for all intent and purposes I have to be the one footing the bills, especially since you won't be 'working' anywhere."  Danny cringed at the thought of that but quickly added, "you mean I can't be 'seen' doing any 5-0 work, right?"  Steve nodded.  "That's right.  We have to put on the front that we're doing everything this nut job wants while we figure out who's behind it."  Danny pondered over Steve's comment.  "You know, I've been thinking about the profile we need to build.  I way to narrow it now."  Steve lent forward in his chair.  "Go on."  Danny came over and perched on the side of Steve's desk.  "Well, it seems to me that all these details are not just random details.  They're quite specific in what is to be done.  Some much that I think that are a mirror image of what was happening to the suspect.  I'll go with your thinking that it has something to do with someone wanting to make you suffer Steve.  However, just any old way won't do the job.  It has to be equal to or greater than what he suffered.  So all these details are gathered up from what he went through.  We can conclude that this person had a son, living at home, going to med school, totally depend upon his father.  Then it happened.  What? We don't know yet.  If we look for suspects that fit that profile with a dependent college aged male child we might hit pay dirt."  Steve was seeing the dots connect as Danny was making his assumptions.  "You just might have it.  So far, we have been looking at the pieces and not the whole puzzle.  We have to try to envision the whole picture to figure out where the next piece will fit because..."  Steve paused and looked intently at Danny.  " way or another we already pretty much how his story ended.  We're not going to repeat that ending.  It's time for a rewrite."  Just then, May buzzed his office.  "Steve, just a reminder that you have to be at the Governor's office in 20 minutes and you don't want to get held up in traffic."  Both men smiled at the reminded for the meeting.  "I don't envy you Steve.  Have fun while I get to work on this profile."  Danny hopped off the desk and headed back to the main door.  "Oh, by the way.  I checked and I'm going to need new tires for the mustang this month.  Thought I'd just go ahead and let you know that I 'needed' them."  Danny quickly ducked out office door before Steve could come back with a reply.  Steve sat there stunned for about 2 seconds before jokingly shaking his head.  "So glad I started a savings early."  "Steve, you better hurry!" May interjected at the door.  "On my way now."  Steve rose and picked up all the paperwork he planned to show the governor that outlined what they were up against and their plan to outwit their new foe.

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